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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boyz Night + Ice Hockey Schedule! Join in!

Had a boyz night yesterday which was great! This weekend is a bit weird, but Im sure it will be great. Btw, Ice Hockey nights at my place next week! There will be beer and snacks! May the Olympic Games begin!

Boyz Night
I know you girls get a bit jealous when you cannot join our sausage night, but it is for your own good. :P

As they say in UK: We had a blast! It was me, Kai and Fredrik only but that was enough. We played some games, some poker and did some other stuff as well. Later Kim-Kim couldn't keep herself away from us lads and joined us for some all-in poker (at least from her side) :P

Unknown Weekend
I have no idea what I will do this weekend, except going to Philips place. I know that there is some stuff planned but everything is for now very blurry and unclear. Will keep you updated though ;) Especially if I move around in my apartment, then I will let you know lol! OH, just did it!

Ice Hockey Schedule for my place
From start of Wednesday 01:30, there will be Ice Hockey nights at my place, as the Olympic Games have started and Henrik and I are going to follow Sweden on their way to the gold. Also Tatsu will join in some of the times and Melvin has before expressed an interest for this. If you want to join up, let me know!

Remember, WE WON the Olympics 2006.

Below is the Schedule for Swedens Ice Hockey Team:
  • 17/2: 01.30: Sweden - Germany
  • 19/2: 21.00: Sweden - Belarus

  • 22/2: 06.00: Sweden - Finland


  1. I kick you guys asses in poker any day!! ;)

  2. Dude, where's Sweden??

  3. Look at this and weep:

    and the final game VS finland here:

  4. Yeah but that was TORINO!!!

    this is SVENCOUVER!!!

    haha, but all jokes aside, the Netherlands isn't a real traditional winter olympics country. We do dominate in speedskating regularly. I think 76 out of 79 medals came from speedskating, so go figure lol.

  5. Yes, cause as you see Vancouver hasnt started yet silly :P

    Speedskating, isn't that a bit queer? ;) No just kidding, but it is going to be fun watching Forsberg kick butt in this Olympic Games :)


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