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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Main street and couch day!

Today we started our exploration of the shopping parts of Gibraltar, by taking a closer look at Main Street. We found a great shopping mall (not that big though), a lot of spirit stores and even more restaurants.

After Main Street, we made our way down to the local food/stuff store and bought what would become our first own meal in Gibraltar: Salad followed by Tacos.

Enough about that. Annika wanted me to show you exactly how big the kitchen is and I want you to meet mr sock (sorry but not much have happened today really). Here we go:


  1. Jocke, your sock reminds of a camelfot..a really ugly one too!! The kitchen look nice...I think you guys should celebrate with a nice steak and skip the potatoes and the other spännmål as we say in swedish, now that I call a healthy dinner ;)


  2. Camelfoot? hahaha you're the girl! I'm not the one being able to have cameltoes! Omg. I'm so getting my ass kicked for saying that :P

  3. Btw. Annika found some stake for only £1 :P Seems suspicious!


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