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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Final packing... powering down...

Okay, the final packing is ongoing. I will dismount my computer and my desk as soon as this blog post has been made. It has been a fun 3 year period in my life here in Skövde. I have enjoyed almost every day here thanks to all my friends.


I have spent the day eating

First I went to the hospital to check how everything works now when I move to Gibraltar and all. Then I went to Thai House (again this week) with my old CEO David Rosén. We had lots of stuff to talk about and he gave me lots of valuable tips about the new job and what to do and what not to do and so on. 

Later on, I met Jeanette and Cattis, to talk about Gibraltar and everything about the job and so on. Last but not least I had dinner with my parents that only just arrived to Skövde. 


I will probably have more to write about moving everything tomorrow though, but here's a photo of what my apartment looked like before everything was dismounted and sold:

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