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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've signed the contract!

I've signed and sent the contract back to Now I will just have to wait for having them call me about the plane tickets and the exact date that I will move in.

I'm very curious about which date it will be, so that I can plan everything with the apartment and all. As soon as I know I  will let you guys know!


Also, I will take pictures and stuff on the party coming up this Saturday, so that you that weren't there can see how much fun we had ;)


If anyone wants furniture, or an apartment, let me know!

Trying to get all of my stuff sold, so that I wont have to throw anything away. Contact me if you are interested in ANYTHING and I will give you the list and some pictures. You can even come on a tour in my apartment if that's what you want ;) 

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