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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye Dreamlords, goodbye! =(

This has been inevitable, so I guess most of you already figured out that I had to quit my non-profit job working as the Community Manager of Dreamlords: The Reawakening, because of my new job coming up.


I first met Lockpick Entertainment at...

... the Dreamlord release party, spring 2007. I was a young journalist back then, aspiring to one day become a game developer my self.

The party was great, although my camera only got 4 relatively non-blurry pictures, their smoke machine was overheated and the floor was kinda permanently messed up the floor. And yes, David was a little bit "tipsy" when I and Oscar interviewed him (there is footage of this, but David will kill me if I tell you where) ;) .

(these pics are OLD!)

At my third and final year...

... I had my final degree coming up and got the opportunity to do my degree project at Lockpick Entertainment, thanks to David Rosén.

I started working at Lockpick Entertainment in the beginning of February and officially ended in the first half of june, when my final examination started. After that I used my spare time to Community Manage Dreamlords every day until today, when I officially passed on the role to Daniel. 


Thank you guys and girls!

During this time I have made a lot of new friends, both at Lockpick and inside the Dreamlords Community. I have had many long interesting talks and many intense discussions with pleased or displeased players. 

I would like to thank you all for being such a good community, even if there evidently was a few people that did more harm than good to the community. Keep playing and enjoy the game. I hope you treat the new community manager, Daniel, as well as you treated me =).

I will still stay in touch, so if you want to catch a talk or just want my opinion on anything, just hang out at my blog or pm me in the Dreamlords forum. Although I will check my blog a lot more often than the Dreamlords forum. ;)


What happens now?

If you guys don't already know what I will do now, I can tell you that I have just recently signed a contract to work as a Community Manager for the community.

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