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Saturday, September 12, 2009

There's a dinner and a party...

Dinner tonight!

Tonight I'm going to Mangos with 12 of my closest friends (even though some of my ultra-closest friends couldn't make it). We are having some nice dinner and afterwards we will enjoy some drinks at my place.  

I've even heard there might be a secret guest showing up, one who doesn't need letters on his keyboard to write fast ;)


Party next week, and you can come!

Me and Ölf are hosting a party together, at Saturday 19th at Peach Pit. It's a goodbye party for me and a birthday party for him. If you are a friend for either me or Ölf, you can come, but only if you behave because it wouldn't be a good birthday for Ölf if he didn't get back his deposit fee. ;)

There might be Rock Band 2, and there will be Biljard, Ping-Pong and some serious couch sitting & drinking.

If you are going to attend, please go to Facebook and  find the event for this party and announce that you are comming. We need to know how many we are going to be, just in case.

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