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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The job

Hey guys. Long time no see! I've been in Sierra Nevada, as you all know and enjoyed my nose being burnt to something inhuman and my calf's being turned to minced meat (no, not the animal).

Finally I have signed the contract and is able to finally talk a bit about what's going on. To cut to the chase: I will be staying in Gibraltar, working for a new company in a senior position. More than this I can unfortunately not tell you until we are up and running. You entrepreneurs out there knows what I am talking about.

Staying in Gibraltar

It is not every day you get two offers to choose from and I kind of felt like I had some kind of luxury problem. Still, the choice process has been both difficult and easy. I had to choose between an awesome office and friendly environment at Betsson (now my favorite betting company, by far), and a newer company in Gibraltar. I could probably find these big corporate kind of jobs again in the future, but how often will these awesome opportunities come around where I can really express myself and do _my_ thing?

Also, of course, our future plays a vital part in the decision making. Strong vs. less strong economy and things like this is important if you think about starting a family sometime in the near future (relatives: don't get crazy, we are talking years here, NO ONE IS PREGNANT!).

Talking about pregnant, congrats to my two close friends Johan and Trine. I am honored that they will name their child after me. Thank's guys! <3

Now all energy will be focused on moving to a friends apartment and planning a lot of awesome business stuff.

Oh, so will there be a Sierra Nevada movie?

For now, you will have to be satisfied with some pictures, because my Adobe Premier keeps making my computer crash when I import the movie files. Still, I have to say that the pictures are great and it really shows how much fun we had over there. Too bad I couldn't show you the spa, but I can tell you that hot saunas + surprise cold showers were both scary and awesome.


  1. so, which one of your names are they giving to their kid then? :P
    and where are you going to move then? which friends apartment? sooo curious :D

  2. Joakim the Great of course! :)

    Will probably move at the end of the year. It is in an apartment deep inside of the rock. We are renting it from the military, you see! It is already furnished with a big tank and some cool guns! :P

  3. oooh.. i see i see ;) make sure you keep your GUN ready always :D


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