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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Interview in Malta - Day 3

After another, hopefully succesful interview by a laid back and down to earth kind of guy called Magnus. We had a nice chat about this and that, but in the end I got a very good feeling about both him and the company, just like I had in the prevous interview.

No matter if I end up with Betsson or not, I must say that they have been great to me and I think that they are a company that works in a fantastic way, which probably will give them much success in the future.

Talking about future... tomorrow we will know mine (or saturday, since I arrive home quite late).

An earthquake on wheels

Today I have explored the northern part of the island by bus. A bus that bounced more up and down than it was taking us forward. Also, the voice narrator was kind of off sync and parts of what she said wasnt true. "To your left you will see a tower...". There was no freekin' tower there! Just a cow that looked at me and said "moo".

Amazing landscape and history though, and I have barely seen half of it... if even that. I like Malta. Even if I don't end up with Betsson I will probably visit Malta again in the future. Except from their disguisting pizza and odd parking spaces in the middle of the street I quite like this island.

Pictures and... a video?
Updated Picture Gallery can be found in the first or second blog post about my trip

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