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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Interview in Malta - Day 1

After a horrible flight, bouncing via Brussels and expericencing engine problems which caused delays (I was tempted to stand up and scream "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE LEFT PHALANGEE!"), I have finally arrived in Malta.

From Belgian Chocolate to howling Taxi Drivers...

When strolling around in the Brussels Airport I suddenly lost all my taste for Belgium Chocolate (see picture), but was still amazingly quite satisfied over the meals of today (which they offered me for free on the flight!).

I finally arrived in Malta. I had the luck of be taken on a midnight tour by the proud Malteese senior man named Mario (it's a me, a Mario!). After being dropped off at the company apartment though, my luck changed again. The key didn't work to any of the apartments I was instructed to try. I think I scared some people quite a bit, 01:00 in the middle of the night.

Today I have had my interview with the iGaming company. I think it went good and I hope they liked me as much as I liked them. I am curious if I will get an offer and what it would be. Also I still haven't heard about Dublin so I am quite curious about that offer as well, if I get one. Although... I still have to make a choice between the Dublin, Gibraltar and the Malta job, if I get an offer from all three (I got an offer from the Gibraltar one though! A very good offer!). By the end of this week I will know what the future holds for me. Stay tuned, I sure as hell will :P.

After being taken back to the hotel by a taxi driver that was howling to Lady Gaga all the way back, I now check the internet briefly before going out and eating the first meal of the day. I wonder where I shall go...

Day 0-1 in pictures!

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