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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the road to something new...

... and I not only mean going to Sierra Nevada skiing (that's where I am right now). I have also finally made a decision about my future. Unfortunately I cannot reveal much about it since it is a sensitive topic, but a choice has been made and I'm hoping that I will be able to tell you more in my next blog post. Promise.

On the road to something new...

Sierra Nevada then? Wzup with that?!

Starting the trip this morning by stocking up on snacks, drinks and medicine for the road, we finally made our way all the way to Sierra Nevada, Spain. Four star hotel with the whole kit. We didn't get any time for skiing today, but we got everything prepared for tomorrow morning.

We did try an awesome restaurant today, after playing some Magic and together embracing the beauty of nature music, and not only found it worth all the money we spent on it, but also managed to get Johans credit card eaten by an ATM. Now... I need to get better at making sentences shorter. Gah.

Tomorrow we are hitting the slopes, so better get to bed. See you in a way more interesting blog post very soon! Sorry for tricking you all that this was _the_ post.

Some amazing food at the local Swizz restaurant. 4/5 stars!

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