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Monday, December 19, 2011

New apartments and offices

Today I have been a very good boy. Not only have I used a couple of my mammoth-like muscles to move stuff from one apartment to another, I have also deposited £1420 that I had lying around into my bank account (I can tell you that it felt mildly disturbing carrying that amount of cash around in town) and finally also checked out the new offices where I will work from the middle of January onward.

Eurotowers, 5th block - Here we go!

Got almost everything moved over now. Just the last few essentials left in Kings Warf. The new place is amazing, the new land lord is amazing and it will be so much closer to everything... which brings me to next topic: What it is NOT closer to (the new office).

The new office is not far from Kings Warf, so ironically I will actually be moving further away from it - but hey - no one has died from a bit of exorsize. To be honest, crisps and nachos land has been my home for too long. Time to find my way back to LCHF... after xmas of course ;)

Oh no... It's now just a bit more than a week until I have to remove my wisdom tooth. I have truly never been this terrified in my life *sob*.

Movie Time: Sierra Nevada 2011

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  1. I too moved to a new apartment but my bank account is empty now!


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