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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A new life on the horizon - starts with a bang!

Bang and ouch(!), to be precise. A life with a new hole in my mouth, a new apartment, a new job and a new g... no, I wont change my girlfriend. She owe me a massage now when Sweden beat Latvia with 9-4 in the Junior Ice Hockey Championship. She is too valuable to me. :)

A New Year with LCHF
Get wiser, learn a bit about this stuff | wiki link

After a little discussion on Facebook, I have decided to go back to LCHF except from at special occations. That is how I will roll. Not only do I feel better while on this diet, I also feel less need for sugar other carby stuff. I must admit it takes a while to get used to it though... and I'm NOT looking forward to those first few days.

Goodbye sweets and nachos, heeello cheese and... why not this tasty looking bacon meatloaf?

What about the Gaming Industry?
Here's some previous blabla from me about this topic | link

I've been blogging awfully much about myself lately and I regret that the subject of my big passion has fallen into the shadow. Well, it's about time we start talking games again. I have some thoughts on Star Wars: The Old Republic and its payment system, but also about the big titles of 2012 as well as the modern way to market games. But more about that later, I got too much on my mind to get into that right now.

Oh yes, just to double check. Did ANYONE not see this hillarious christmas clip from Jimmie Kimmel?

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