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Monday, June 29, 2009

IPRED: Go against us and you die!

The swedish system of justice is not working, it's corrupt. Not only can IPRED break the law and get away with it, anyone questioning the evidence in a legal dispute with IPRED gets punished by the court.

(EDIT: When I say IPRED I'm refering to "companies through IPRED")


IPRED breaks the law, nothing happens

Rick Falkvinge listed three points where IPRED  broke the law:

  • IPRED breaks into a private server...
  • ... gives themselves permission to private data...
  • ... without indicating in any way that a copyright had been violated.  

So, IPRED can break the law and get away with it, but we can't? Are they above the law? The same thing happened when FRA did surveillance without permission, even BEFORE the law of them being allowed to do so. The government is above the law, but we aren't. This is justice to them.


Don't EVER question the evidence!

As Rick also stated, "this is not all". The accused part in the legal dispute tried to question the evidence and the fact that it had been gathered in an illegal way. The result of this was that they where sentenced to pay 75 000 kr (about 9000$) just becuase they questioned the evidence.

This sends a clear message: OPPOSE US AND YOU DIE! 


Thanks to Rick Falkvinge for this information...


  1. IPRED is a law... It doesn't break the law... However, by using it, publishers, and the recording industry, can break the law.

  2. I know =)

    What I ment was that law can be broken through IPRED, which indirectly makes IPRED into a tool for lawbreaking.

  3. Yeah, what IPRED really does is to make it legitimate for corporations to use Mafia tactics to get to the small guy (whether guilty or innocent). I feel ashamed of where this country is heading.


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