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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Changed my blog a bit...

I changed my blog from "Prove me wrong, so I'll learn!" to "Game Development + The Right to Privacy". 


Well, the message about what this blog was about wasn't clear enough. I want it to be clear that this blog is about two different subjects, mainly, and that they don't relate to eachother in any way.

In short: To make the blog more clear about what it's about.


Will I keep on writing about the same stuff?

Yes of course! The only thing that will change is that I wont focus on "making assumptions" anymore. I might do it once or twice, but not in every post.

I will also start to post more personal posts that doesn't need to start any discussion, but only to send a message or two. Discussion is very much appreciated though, so keep on writing as you did before!

I read every comment I get and mostly try to send some kind of answer to you, either in your blog or in mine.

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  1. bra ändring av namnet, det känns mycket tydligare nu även fast jag visste läget innan :) // Ptrik


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