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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's time to fight for the Right to Privacy!

Many laws involving surveillance has been accepted into many countries around the world. Right now in Sweden, our opinions have been ignored several times already, by having the FRA and IPRED laws thrown against us. Now, the Data Retention Directive is on the verge to explode upon us.

For your notice, the EU Parlament has filed a monition (legal action) towards Sweden, for NOT having it's people voting through the Data Retention Directive already.

The EU Parlament is kind of saying: "It's okay that you have a democracy and vote for what you want in your country, but if you don't vote as we wish, we will SUE you!"


Vote before or on the 7th of July!

I think that if we don't use our democratic right to vote against these kinds of stuff, we kind of deserve this punishment.

By not voting, we don't embrace the democracy that we are so thankful for that we've got. If we don't vote we can't change anything and the government can rule as a dictatorship. We don't want that, do we?

But honestly, I don't care what you vote for, just vote! If you vote towards fighting against these surveillance laws and threaths against the Right to Privacy, you got my proud and powerful (woot?) salute.

(dont know what to vote? VOTE BLANK!)


A fun video!

Here's a fun video that shows how important South Park thinks it is to vote.


This is my assumtion: If we dont use the power we have to change the wrong things about our society, we are indirectly voting for Dictatorship.


  1. Actually, the monition has nothing to do with voting - as far as the EU is concerned, we have agreed to the Data Retention Directive already (through our former government).
    The monition concerns the fact that we haven't implemented it yet, though leaked documents from the government shows that the law is ready to be implemented after the elections. IPRED and FRA taught our current government to be careful with timing, which is probably the reason they wait for the elections to be settled.

    You can probably count on seeing the proposal made official in the weeks following the election, so that the reactions will have vaned by 2010, when we go to vote again.


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