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Sunday, June 14, 2009

BattleForge - A game that I admire

I've recently started to play a game called BattleForge, which is a Trading Card MMO-RTS. I realised that I could not stop playing this game, so I started to wonder why. The answer was simply that the game must have been designed by gods.


BattleForge - A game designed to get you hooked!

I'm absolutely hooked to this game, and here's why:

  • Absolutely every aspect of the game is designed to give the player the feeling of progression. 

  • The business model is designed to work perfectly together with the progression game design.

  • There's many ways to play and re-play the game. (Co-op PvE, Co-op PvP, solo PvE & PvP and so on)

  • It's a game for the Achiever (progression), the Explorer (many cards/maps), the Socializer (co-op) and the Killer (ingame frauds).

    * See Bartles Test to see what kind of player you are.


  1. Battleforge really is the game of the future. I hope all goes well so that we may see many expansions to such a delightful game.

    I think one other very positive aspect is that, regardless of such an imense game, it's hard to find any bugs or abuses. Sure, there is the Napalm Tower abuse, but it's not unstoppable. I think it's a really tight game with few flaws, very stable. That's also one of it's greatest strenghts in my opinion.

  2. True. As BF is now, it's truly a masterwork in my eyes. The next generation of co-operative RTS-gaming.


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