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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cencurship and Big Brother, here we come!

This makes me so mad. There's two things that is absolutely crushing the Right to Privacy and also the Liberty to Speak and Express yourself on the net.


The Telecom Package - The new way of National Cencurship

With the Telecom Package (swe: telekompaketet), the government can shut people down from the internet. The internet is a way of expression and communicating with others.

What will happen if the government gets the power to SHUT PEOPLE DOWN at their will (of course they will need to suspect you for file sharing)

Isn't this the same as cencuring newspaper or duck taping peoples mouths? Okay, they need to catch someone for file sharing, but think about how easily they will be able to manipulate that or make "add-on" laws which allows them to only suspect a person to be able to shut them down. 


The Data Retention Directive - We see all, WE KNOW ALL!

With the Data Retention Directive (swe: Datalagringsdirektivet), they can monitor your every movement, litterarly, and track e-mails, phone calls, mms, sms and you name it. Everything you do that's connected to the net, in up to 6 months.

They got their eye on you. Watch it so that they doesn't start to dislike you for your opinions. They can dig up any crap and then shut you down so that no one can hear you scream.


The government is doing the frog trick on us...

Watch it yourself:

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