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Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to get a job in the Gaming Industry

Three simple rules

  1. Always keep trying, no matter how "not ready" you think you are. That mentality have made many people I know not getting jobs. By not seeking and taking every opportunity possible, you miss out on two of the most important things to have in your portfolio: Experience and Contacts.

  2. Have these three ingredients in your portfolio: Experience, Contacts and Content. The experience will show that you have insight to the industry and contacts will almost always give you a hand in getting the job. Content is important too. If you can show what you can do and what you have done, employers will see you as a more secure investment and less as a gamble.

  3. Write a good CV and personal letters to where you are applying. Study how CVs are made and, if you get the chance, ask an employer contact of yours what he's looking for when he gets applications. If you write a good CV and a good personal letter (written for exactly the company and position you are applying to) you will have a very good chance in getting the job.

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