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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exceptions in laws - A tool for World Domination

While surfing on the Party Leader of the Pirate Party (Pirat Partiet) Rick Falkvinge's blog, I read a post about exceptions being created for the IPRED law. You can read all about it here (swedish blog).


IPRED uses exceptions in constitutional laws

IPRED has been given an exception in the Privacy Protection Law where it clearly states that IPRED may, if thought neccessary, use private information on induviduals on matters like intrusion on the intellectual property law.

This clearly shows us one of the first steps on exception laws, where they once again get to abuse our Right to Privacy. When will it stop? Will it ever stop?


Wasn't Hitler doing this?

First of all, Hitler was a nutcase. But what he did that was so smart, for him, was that he made exceptions in laws to allow him to gain more and more power.

Exceptions in laws sounds small and insignificant, but it is truly a tool to gain absolute power over a community. Just ask the ones that lived in Germany when Hitler was ruling.

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