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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't be a nice Game Developer

Too many game developing companies have failed because they are being to nice, mostly in these particular areas:

  • Listening "too much" to the community.

    My personal opinion is that you should absolutely listen to the community, but not too much. Remember, you're the one with a 3+ year education in game development, not them. Listening too much can make your game unbalanced, because many gamers don't have the insight of balance as an educated developer has.

  • Bosses being too nice to their employees.

    Many CEOs/Producers and people leading in game development tend to be too nice to the people they lead (I know, I use to be one of them - And I saw the consequences). Being too nice in this area can lead to bad design decisions and thereby a bad game.

  • Game Developingers tend to be to nice to themselves.

    Don't be too nice on yourself, critisize yourself in every decision you make. Can I do this? Is this the right decisions? Whats my other options? etc.


  1. Kan inte hålla med dig riktigt på den första. Iofs har du delvis rätt. Men man ska dock lyssna väldigt mycket på sin community, dock ska man INTE lyssna på de som enbart whinar.

    Och väldigt många spel har istället failat pga att de inte har lyssnat på sin community.

  2. That was what I ment by "My personal opinion is that you should absolutely listen to the community, but not too much."

    I might have been a bit unclear, but I really think that you should listen to your community, but the ones that are just whining and saying stuff like "It shouldn't be any problems with adding another race to Starcraft, that's piece of cake" and similar.

    You have education and knowledge that tells you that this isn't just so easy. You can't just patch the game with another race.

    My point is: You should listen to your community, but you should never let them make the decisions. Everything should be thought through by the dev team, even if it sounds really amazing and believable.


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