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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What happened in Dublin?!

I'm back home... finally! Don't get me wrong. I loved it there, but the trip back was so bad you won't believe me when I tell you. My interview went okay and I just got another face to face interview for the Malta position, so things are going the right way at the moment.

Luckily for Håkan (whom I stayed at), we managed to find Google last Sunday and he apparently had quite a nice first day. Read all about it here!

Dream start, nightmare end

When arriving in Dublin everything was great. The interview was stressful but I think it went fine. We had some really nice food and we even got it cheaper at one point than the real price. Someone must have really liked us. How often does that happen, really?

Read more about my day to day activities in Dublin here.

On the trip back though... things went wrong wrong and WRONG! First, I jumped off the bus at the wrong terminal in Dublin. THEN when boarding they weren't happy with how I packed my bag, so they forced me to repack OR pay €40. Fortunately after repacking it twice they were finally satisfied. Ryan Air bitch.

London Gatwick. Sooo tired. Maybe there's a hotel nearby. Awesome, there's three! Wait. Two of them cost £150+ and the third one that is suppose to be as cheap as £25-50 (depending on if you want to stay 4 or 8 hours) only had premium rooms free for double the price. Fuck off. I decided to find someplace to sleep on the floor. This is the brightest part of the whole trip: I FOUND A CORNER WITH A TV WITH BATMAN ON IT! But then when having watched Batman and then A-Team on my ePC and decided to sleep nearby on the floor... "it" came.


*deep breath*

Later, just to piss me off more, the security bag scanner thing that I was queuing for broke, so I had to join the other queue. Then of course I was randomly selected for a body search. Score!

Oh yes, did I mention the waiting time in Gatwick was 10-11 hours?

Picture time!

Here's some pictures I took with my camera while being in Dublin. Go to the proper gallery to read my captions, explaining the pictures a bit better. ;)

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