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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off to the Dublin interview... But in the meantime!

After packing everything I need, I start to feel the purple butterflies in my stomach. The interview is one day away and I'm going to a place I have never been before. This is going to be awesome. Oh yes. I almost forgot to put my prepared Presentation onto my USB stick.

Blogging is a life safer.

In the meantime: Stop whining Bethesda!

I have been playing almost constantly since when I got the game, two days ago. I must say that I have split feelings about the game. It has many bugs (I know, I know, making Elder Scrolls games for PC is a pain!), but people have been making functional games for PC for a very long time. It shouldn't be that hard and frankly Bethesda Softworks, stop making excuses for why the game is not as good on PC and start doing something about it. No one likes a Game Developer that whines. Heck, who likes to listen to whine anyway?.. oh... sorry guys! I just realized the irony.

A bad ass Wood Elf Ranger called Loznáir!

Yes, once again my character is a good guy, but instead of being a total angel he has more of a "The Phantom" kind of moral. Be nice to me and I'm nice to you, but if you are a total idiot, then I'll rob you blind and kill all of your children.

What have I learnt so far?
- Don't mess with Giants, they fling you so hard up into the air that you, even though you are already dead, you are a little bit afraid that someone can't resist putting an arrow into your ass, for sport.
- DO NOT KILL THE HOLY CHICKENS! See picture below.
- Old women that live in the Forrest are actually quite bad ass on Magic. Do not anger them.
- It is very fun to scare undead to run away into all the traps you otherwise would walk into. For example the catapult gate was very amusing. When that skeleton finally hit the wall the bones split like fireworks.
- I should blogg less and play more.
- I should remember that my flight leaves any minute and stop thinking about Skyrim.
- I should go now.

Picture stolen from my niece's Facebook. Tnx!

See you on Monday for a full report on how things went in Dublin.

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