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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The power of... silence?

Inspired by some dude that I don't know, but apparently cares enough about me to follow me on Facebook, I am today blogging about "the power of silence". Actually, it is a more interesting subject than you first think.

Just think about how employers, you just visited for an interview from, can make you feel by simply... saying nothing. Or when you come home and your girl/boyfriend looks at you and doesn't say a word. This is truly the power of silence to me.

5 ways of using silence to your benefit

1. When you are on a date, shut the fuck up and let the woman speak.
2. If you want someone close to really feel bad, just do what girls usually do. Look at them... with silence.
3. If you are insecure about yourself and feel like you have to make others feel bad to make you feel better, be silent and try to deal with your own problems instead.
4. When interviewing people, use silence as a way of testing your subjects ability to take initiative.
5. Be considered a good friend by shutting the hell up with someone is trying to tell a story/joke.

5 ways of messing up with silence

1. When answering a phone call.
2. When being asked a question.
3. When a girl you like tells you she loves you.
4. When in a life threatening situation where a shout could save your life.
5. When your boss is telling a joke (doesn't matter if it's good or bad).

There, that should have made your lives a lot easier to live. :)

Now, a tribute to my dear beloved friend Andreas Knöpke:

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