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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This weeks first interview - done

*Phew*, feels good to have that off my chest. I think it went well. I got a very good feeling about the company, the people there and the location where the company is not as bad as I thought. I think I will be more okay with it than my girlfriend. She is quite picky ;)

Preparing for interview number two

Okay, time to start packing for the Dublin trip. I am very curious about this opportunity as well, since I haven't gotten much info yet. They decided to fly me over, skipping any phone interviews. At the same time as I have a really good feeling about the Malta job, I can't help wondering how it would be to become a Lead Community Manager for a MMORPG title.

It's like "safe choice" versus "mysterious could-be-the-break-of-a-lifetime-choice". Although the safe choice might also be my break. Hmm. Difficult, but I guess I first need to see if I get offered any of the positions at all.

Luxory problems...


My neighbors must think I have serious problems (maybe they are right?), because I am checking the mailbox every two hours. It would be so much easier if I actually knew what time the mail man comes to our building.

While entertaining myself by solving really hard puzzles in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, I now and then check my friends list... finding them ALL playing Skyrim. This really annoys me. Everyone can play it except me! Oh my god. Just listening to myself makes me realize how pathetic I sound... think about all the starving children in Africa! I have it so much better... still... I WANT SKYRIM NOW!

Oh look! Even Arnold Schwarzenegger got the game already :( DAS SPIEL IST GUT!

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  1. embarrassing to discover silly and obvious spelling mistakes right after you have heard that my possible employer have read my blog. :$


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