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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blogger vs. Wordpress, who would win?

After discussing blog tools with my friends Johannes Thorén and checking out other nice blogs, like Joakim Nilssons blog about Social Media Management, I decided to do some research to figure out which blog tool that is best for me... and for you.

Three reasons to go for Blogger

Blogger seem to be a more beginner friendly, and actually 100% free, blog tool. It is very simple, user friendly and to a degree you can customize your blog quite a bit. Blogger also offers an easy way for you to earn money  on your blog.

Here are the three top reasons why you should choose Blogger:

1. Simplicity. Easy to use, free and it has a very good interface.
2. Everything is free! You don't have to pay anything for any of the tools!
3. Simple Advertising from Google. It is easy to set up a way to earn money.

Three reasons to go for Wordpress

Wordpress is a tool that can be used by new bloggers as well as more advanced. The problem is that the tool itself is more advanced and could thereby confuse some users. The more options and services you want, the more you will have to pay. For $100/year you will get all special features, but will still have to pay separately for special themes.

Here are the top reasons why you would choose Wordpress:

1. Full customization possibilities. If you pay, you can edit/change pretty much anything.
2. If you are a new user, you can easily set up a free blog without much problem.
3. If you are an advanced user, you can still get a kick ass blog without paying anything.

And the winner is?

If you don't wanna get much into detail with your blog. You just want it up and running and don't care for anything fancy, then Blogger is for you. Although if you want to have full control over your blog and don't care to pay a bit extra for it, then go "pro" with Wordpress, my personal favorite.

Comparing the two tools, not caring about the paying aspect, Wordpress beats Blogger by a long shot.

I do feel the irony of me blogging on Blogger still, but a little bird told me that this might change very soon.


  1. After all it all comes fornication to the content. No matter which platform you use people will only come back if your content is interesting.

    It is easier to convert your blog from blogspot to Wordpress than vise versa.

    Interesting topic and I have done quite a bit of thinking the past few days about the exactly same issue.

  2. Truer words have seldom been spoken, my friend.

    It's good to know that conversion is easier with Wordpress, since I am currently working on a design for my Wordpress blog. It is larger project than this blog, so it will take some time before I can release it. :)

    Are you blogging? If so, where?

  3. Not blogging atm.

    Working on couple of small blog projects but I have not released anything yet.

    One of them will be on blogger and the other on Wordpress. I can leak you details later if you want.

  4. Majority of all bloggers have been migrating their blogs and business sitw to Wordpress. This is because they actually know the full capabilities of this CMS platform. In addition, there are actually lots of features that can be used in WP for free that can help optimize every page of the website. Mostly, the widgets in WP are very powerful tools. Take a look at DCG (dynamic content gallery) and “ALL IN ONE SEO”. I’m not against with Blogger; but if they’ll be able to modify and expand their system, I would be guessing that they’ll be able to stand out with the nature of WP. Cheers!


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