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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I finally got a face to face interview!

It is one thing applying for a few jobs and sitting and waiting for the interview to finally come, but when it actually happens many things suddenly become so clear. Should I start planning for moving to another country? Will the job be as challenging and rewarding as I expect it to be? How would it be to live someplace new?

Back into the gaming/iGaming industry?

The truth is that I do want to get back into the gaming industry, as in "computer/video games", but since my current experience also includes iGaming, that's definitely not off the table.

Two and a half years ago I was not really sure what I wanted to do. I studied Game Design, but was thinking too much about the "big picture" and things around the product. Somehow I have been lead on a road that made me realize that my true passion is about communities, social media and communication in general. We will see where i end up, but I think that as long as I work with people that knows what they are doing and with a company that believes in creativity, I will be very happy.

What about my private projects?

I have currently two major projects that I am working with. Both are concerning blogs and one will hopefully in the future bring profit, while the other is more of an experiment.

I will continue them both, as good as I can. Oh yes. This is IF I get the job. They will not compete at all with any of the jobs I applied to, rather the opposite. They would help promoting whatever I end up doing.

We are currently on the verge of starting up the company officially, but we need to sort out a lot of paper work before everything is ready to go. Competition for what we are doing seems to be quite low, the manpower needed from us not very high and the possibilities seems to be even higher.

This is a picture of the place where I will be going for an interview. Can you guess which town it is? 


  1. Dude, let me make an educated guess based on the image location, lol :D

    Its Dublin, DUH:

  2. Actually I just wanted to see if anyone would get that one wrong :P


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