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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

London baby! and... then Malta!

Greetings fellow readers. Once again I'm here to bore you with my job hunting adventures. As you all know, I have had another interview, but I wont say more than that I had a great time. This wasn't the Malta interview, which will actually happen early next week. But first... I'm going to London!(?)

London baby! Malta baby! Oh, god... I'm having triplets.
Read more about my interviews here and here.

I got invited by a friend to come on a short trip to London from Friday-Saturday. How can you say no to that? I have actually never been outside of, the extremely annoying, London Airports before so... I guess this will be something new for me to experience!

So what's this junk about triples. No mom, I'm not pregnant. But I have three interesting job opportunities to consider. I am very interested in a specific one, but obviously I cannot tell you which.

I still have not heard anything about the Dublin interview, but I should hear any day now. One interesting news is that early next week I will head over to Malta and stay there until Thursday, probably. Unfortunately my wacky friend Suzy is home in Sweden during this time so I cannot pay her a visit. Too bad, I really wanted to meet "Mr. O'rly". $5 to the first one who can guess who that is, and no Suzy, you are not allowed to participate OR tamper with this guessing contest :P. I will send the Moneybookers and no, I'm not joking ;)

The new Neverwinter game? Hmm...

I am honestly not very impressed so far, but it might be good. I am not a big fan of games that Cryptic have had a hand in (even though it is a Bioware game <3), since I rarely like how their games turn out... but I will probably give it a try. Here is the latest trailer for the game. What do you think about it?

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