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Monday, August 9, 2010

Vacation & Design

Okay, time to shape this blog up a bit (more later when I got access to more tools) and become better at posting entrys. Of course I realize this when sitting in my parents living room watching something boring on tv. That's when all good ideas come to life!

A Road Trip through Sweden

After realizing I had to make the trip without a phone (the HTC Legend I ordered arrived 6 hours after my flight left Spain), I took the first - but terrified - steps into the bus to Malaga Airport. After some troubles I finally took off, changed flights in London and then arrived in Copenhagen.

After experiencing Malmö and Gothenburg, I'm currently in Dalarna where I am mostly relaxing and hanging out with my family. One of these days I will meet one of my community members that also live in town. Another of these days I will meet a friend, a cousin, my grandmother and on friday I will say goodbye to my dear foster brother that passed away a while ago. Rest in peace.

On Saturday I will head on to Uppsala/Stockholm and pay a quick visit to my friends there before I go back to Spain and Gibraltar on Sunday. Thank's Phil for doing your best to try and pick me up!

More will come...

I will give a more detailed blog entry as soon as I am back from my vacation. To busy blogging on the community blog and doing vacation stuff. Also a wise bird told me to lay off blogging while I'm on vacation, but here I am - blogging :P

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