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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soon I will be 23... :O

Well time to grow up I guess, to become the big 23. Maybe I will get more gray hairs now. Already got a few.

How to celebrate?

I honestly have no idea. My head is totally blank.

Maybe I'll eat something tasty.

Life is good right now

It just gets better and better. This last weekend was amazing. Even though the water is starting to get colder, I still enjoy the pool... and the company. :)

I have taken a break from live poker for a bit now, need to save some money for the Sweden trip and also to pay back the study loan after new years (yeah that's when it starts).

Started playing Magic: The Gathering again, it's fun and I am so addicted already it's crazy. Yeah, I know, it's nerdy, but I'm a nerd so it's okay.

By the way, have you guys ever tried the indi game Minecraft? It's amazing. Just check out this video and tell me you dont want to buy it :P I'm playing it hardcore right now.

Badminton League - Serious now

Joined a team. They seem like my level, which is good.

Going to play tonight, probably wednesday and then sunday. A lot of work out, good for me. :)

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