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Monday, August 23, 2010

Summary: My trip to Sweden

Hi everyone! Here's a summary on my trip to Sweden. I hope you like it!

Basically, the trip was awesome.

Malmö - Friends & Freelancers

I had lots of fun in Malmö. Not only did we enjoy some really nice drinks, we also managed to meet a lot of funny people (like the 2m tall guy). It was really nice to meet everyone again, and it was even nicer to see Olas subconscious proud face when I entered his office. He should be proud, him and his team made a really nice game.
I also met jockye, canihtk and z4tz from my community. jockye even bothered to have the shirt on I sent him (once I got tired of his teasing "how are you... and your shirt?").

Gothenburg - Movies & Shopping

I saw Inception! The best movie I've seen so far this year, by far! Me and Ölf had a good an relaxing time. I managed to find a lot of really nice looking clothes, and also my famous (apparently, as I heard people in the office is talking about them lol) white shoes.

I finished Gothenburg off by first almost getting hit in the head by a glass bottle and then visiting Monika, Agnes and their very special dog.

Dalarna - Family & Party

It's always good to meet the family. I managed to find some really cool stuff I wanted to bring with me back. Unfortunately I forgot it as well. DOH!

I met my community member osvosv as well, which was nice. :) Then I also went out and partied a bit (just a little bit) with my cousin and met an old class mate! Johanna, it was nice to see you again!

Finally I went to the urn setting of my passed away foster brother, Magnus. It was really hard but at the same time it felt good to say goodbye.

Uppsala - Expensive Indian & Talisman

Claes, Sara and David! YAHAY! Nice to finally see you again! We had a really nice time, even though that Indian place pretty much robbed us. The meals were like £12 or something for a Tikka Masala, and the same for the buffet we had!

The drinks and the game of Talisman was really awesome. Especially as I won.

Next time I go to Sweden will be around x-mas. Will probably bring some friends from Gib to go on a skiing adventure. Can't wait!

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