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Friday, September 24, 2010

A trip to the Wild Life Park in Spain

Last weekend we took a trip to the Wild Life Park near Estepona. It was me, Kai, Phil and Vlada. The weather was really nice, around 30 at least I think?


Entering the Wild Life Park near Estepona (can't remember the name of it), we stumble across these funny figures, which we tried to mimic (I think I did it best) :)

After that we checked out the apes, birds and other cool stuff before going on the journey to the large part of the park. It was really amazing to see the bearded monkey (I've only seen it on Animal Planet before).

Nice juice Phil

Phil thought that Slush Puppy would be nice in the heat. Problem is, it was HUGE and cost €6. He was whining about that for almost an hour. Although, it proved quite nice, as it lasted long, was cold and all of us could share it.

We checked out the snakes. One of them looked like lemon ice cream and another one was huge and sleeping. Was pretty cool to see that big snakes. The anaconda was small for it's size but it's hard to imagine it could devour a hippo, or even a human!

What is that movie...

... that has the lyrics "over the mountains.. and the sound of music..."? Well, Phil, Sound of Music perhaps? ;)

Phil failed quite brilliantly, but then it was time to go home. On our way back we stayed for ice cream break in Ducesa, before making a last stop at Decathlon. Found some nice glasses there! ;)

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  1. The park's called Selwo Aventura and it is indeed a really nice place :)


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