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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I had three girls for lunch *burp*

Rosie has finally arrived and the last couple of days she has been exploring Gibraltar and tonight we will explore O'Reilly's and drink only juice. right...

Btw, will add images here later, probably tomorrow morning.

You idiot, you can't moonwalk!

Yesterday Rosie and I first went to the Casino to eat some dinner (after chilling in the pool area a couple of hours and then playing some badminton), and then after laughing about Rosie trying to talk with her mouth full of food, we went to Celebrities.

Oh god that was a long sentence... lol.

Anyway, there we found the most incompetent bartender ever. She couldn't make any drink properly and talked like she was stoned or something.

Then we noticed this drunk family making a fool of themselves. First the mom was pretend-boxing with her like 10 year old son or something, and then suddenly she hits him in the face! I mean, what the fuck!?

Then when he stopped crying his drunk sister tries to teach him how to moon walk, which was so FAIL! If she can't do it, how is he suppose to learn how to do it? Idiot, you just get him bullied in school and laughed at.

Lunch at Lek Bangkok

Today Nicky, Anke, Rosie and I went to Lek Bangkok to eat some really nice Thai Food. As usual, I ordered 22 and 41 (Chicken with Bamboo shots in Red Curry and Stir Fried Rice with Chicken) and the girls ordered some other crazy stuff. We also have pictures of this, but I need to bug Anke about them before I can post them here. Stay tuned!

O'Reillys, time to party!

Tonight I'm going to go and party in Ocean Village with Quisqueya, Rosie, Rebecca and the others. It's going to be so much fun and I'm so much in a party mood! Ah well I better get going, will report back as soon as I can! See you there people!


  1. You forgot to add the buttwhipe you are

  2. I'm sooo gonna add that to my CV lol!


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