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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sand everywhere! WTF did I do last night?

Hi everyone, time to blog again I guess. Yesterday was mad, and today will be exitement of the colder sort. I've done some serious shopping (and there is more to come) and I'm addicted to the Castlevania Theme Song.


I've become strangely addicted to the Castlevania Theme Song lately. There is this one version in particular I really like. Have a look and see if you get addicted as well. I could almost guarantee it if you are a fan of this kind of music:

Shopping -> Drinking -> Crawling

Yesterday was a very interesting day. It started off with Shopping in La Linea, which went to Drinking in the Beach and the last chapter of this novel ends with me Crawling on the Floor.

In the morning, some friends and I met up and WALKED all the way to Carrefour from my apartment actually, which was actually longer than we expected, but hey, the weather was great so wtf!

In Carrefour, I managed to find one shirt, two t-shirts and one pair of shorts (!!!!) which is pretty amazing cause I never find stuff I like for good prices. Then I bought some posters that I actually need frames for, so if anyone know where to buy Poster Frames (proper ones) let me know please. We kind of looked at a lot of stuff there, tried some hats too, which was pretty funny. We had fights with our "leader sticks" so to speak and acted kind of immature in general, which was AWESOME!

"Let's go to the beach!" someone said and there we went! We accidently stumbled across a Caramel Vodka bottle and some beers, which obviously led to a Beach Drinking Game! In the end I could either walk or piss straight, but it was fun. More than one person was a little bit buried in sand and one person actually also manage to "fall" into the water, which was pretty funny!

Going home, leaving the stuff and then go and eat. Sure, that was the plan. Once I got home I suddenly didnt feel so well. I went from a two legged humanoid creature to a crippled Barbary Ape in a matter of minutes. I still feel a bit sick and this was now almost 24 hours ago.

When I woke up this morning there was sand on my pillows, in my bed, in the bathroom, in my room, in the living room, in the hall way... pretty much everywhere except in Kais room. As I'm Mr. Neat and Proper I managed to get myself on two feet this morning and spent 30-45 minutes sweeping.

Sweden - Canada tonight!

With only minutes to go when I'm writing this, it already starts to get a bit exciting. Sweden is facing Canada in Ice Hockey tonight in the World Championship Tournament. I honestly don't think we stand a chance, but let's give it a go! To bad the Swedish Team kind of sucks this year, but hey, a year with both the Olympics and the WC is kind of weird tbh. I expected this.

Actually, Denmark is currently doing even better than Sweden beating Finland and USA just like that. Even Norway managed to show themselves pretty dangerous in the game against us and then they wooped Czechs ass (which actually wooped Swedish ass).

Anyway, here is the upcoming Schedule!
  • Sweden - Canada: 16/5, 20:15 (Win with 3-1)
  • Sweden - Switzerland: 18/5, 20:15
  • Sweden - Denmark: 20/5, 16:15 (Quarter Finals)
  • Sweden - Czech: 22/5, 14:00 or 18:00 (Semi Finals)
  • Bronze + Finals: 23/5


  1. Oh, watch your kidneys, bro :)
    Awesome sunset capture!

  2. Haha I got two, don't I? ;) Yeah the pic was great. Was lying so wasted on the beach and just took pictures of everything. This was the only picture that didnt end up totally black :D


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