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Monday, May 10, 2010

Came third in the! + Hockey time!

Hi people, as you might notice I don't have much time for this blog any more, but I'll try to update at least once in a while. I can third in a tournament lately, I found a great Hockey-live stream and you can also follow me at the Par i Nötter-blog at Office Tournament

I came third out of around 20 people in the less-advanced tournament. Darren, my man, won it though. In the more advanced tournament Hyunil won. I got candy! Btw, I also knocked Henrik out of the tournament with KK against his QQ. Nomnomnom!

Watch streamed Hockey with me!

I will watch streamed Hockey now in the World Championships. So far Sweden won against Norway with 4-2 and Denmark has kicked both Finish ass and American, I can't believe it.

Anyway, I will be watching the following days and times and you are welcome to join me, either here with me or from your own computer through the live stream below.

  • 11/5, 20:15: Sweden - France
  • 13/5, 20:15: Sweden - Czech
  • To be announced...

Watch live video from hockeykanal on

Swedish people, follow the PiN-blogg!...
... at to follow me and my colleagues at work. If you get bored and miss me too much, this is where you can see more of cute little me. :)

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