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Friday, February 17, 2012

What makes a Friend?

NOTE: I'm drunk atm, and I am always a bit too philosophical about life and all that when I'm in that condition...

I've been thinking lately about a few things. Friends that say they wanna meet up and do something and then never get back to you, friends that not contact you for a long time and kind of fade away a bit... then friends that live nearby that you hang out with and stay in contact with quite often.

What is the difference? Who is the real friend?

People who care about you

Even if a friend tell you "we should do something someday!" and not really get back to you on that, or doesn't keep in touch very good, it doesn't always mean that they are not really caring or are not really your friends. I think that if you really consider someone a friend and you know the feeling is mutual, that stuff is okay.

When things really matter, you truly see who is your friend and who is not. You'r brother dies or you lose your job - they are there, no matter what. You feel like shit and give them a call, they listen. That's what it's all about.

I think many people take too drastic decisions about who their friends are. Think a bit further before you make up your mind. It is worth it.

People who care only about themselves

Who is not your friend? That is easy. People that only talk to you when it is something about them that they need to talk about. They never ask how you are, what you have been doing (at least not sincerely) or if you need help/support with anything. They simply want attention and pity.

To these people I say: Fuck off, I am not your friend. Suck someone else's blood, you leech. I can't be bothered with you stealing my time.

I'm pretty sure about who my friends are. Are you?


  1. Personligen tycker jag att du ska ge dessa personer andrum. Är övertygad om att de gillar dig ändå. Dessutom kanske de väntar på att du ska höra av dig. Det var trevligt att ses i julas och att du sov över hos oss. Hälsningar och kram från en febrig Anneli K

  2. Nu var ju det faktiskt inte riktigt det som jag menade (jag skriver alltid lite konstigt när jag druckit), utan att det är okej när vänner kanske inte alltid hör av sig, men att de faktiskt gör det och finns där när det verkligen gäller.

    Jag personligen är ganska dålig på att hålla kontakt, men jag håller koll på allihopa och finns där när de skulle behöva mig, plus att jag har lite onda planer att invadera dem på någon spontan road trip i framtiden :P


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