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Monday, August 3, 2009

Now there's cameras IN YOUR HOME!

Maybe not in Sweden yet, but now England has taken the big step to set up camera surveillance in 2000 families homes, and the plan is to extend it to 20 000 homes.


To intercept and correct anti-social behaviour they say

They wan't to turn us into robots. This reminds me of the movie: Equilibrium


This is what happens when you "don't care"

Stupid people, and I really mean STUPID! Not only are the ones responsible for this really stupid. Many of you don't lift a finger to fight against this, and that's even worse. The worst part is that this WILL happen to Sweden and many other europeian countries as well, if people don't start acting NOW!


The Treaty of Lissabon is the first step to this, and you don't even know it. Counties in the EU super state will stop having the right to stand against new laws, made by the parlament, which will force more countries to loose their freedom and their Right to Privacy.

The time to fight against this is now! Not later. So get your lazy asses up and do something already. I don't want to find you whining then it's to late if you haven't lift a finger to fight against this.


Thanks, Henrik Alexandersson for this information.


  1. 75% of our laws already come from the EU.
    Like IPRED for example...

  2. True, and that makes the Treaty of Lissabon even scaryer...


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