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Monday, May 14, 2012

Beards - a Couple Decision!

While trying out Mass Effect 3, going WTF over spontaneously swollen legs, experiencing the World Championships of Ice Hockey 2012 I started to think about my beard.

Some things you have to decide together.

She hasn't said it yet, but her eyes tells me what I need to know. It has to go. But the question is, how long can I wait until she finally takes matters into her own hands? Should I push the limits or concede. The man in me says I should keep it, but some part of me (guess which!) tells me that it is probably a smart decision to shave.

Three days? Two? Four?! Maybe a week! Can I risk it... hmm?

I love her too much to let a beard get in-between us. I'm shaving... soon.

Other stuff!

Mass Effect 3 isn't really impressive... but Swedish Ice Hockey is! It has been many years since so many hot shots came back from NHL to support our country. The only one missing now, really, is Henrik Lundqvist. We need a solid Goaltender or we are toast.

The game against Germany and Czech Republic was easy, but I admit we struggled on the rest (especially Russia, but they do have a stronger team this year + Jemelin who rather shows off his acting skills rather than playing Ice Hockey). I liked to watch the game against Germany. A good team some years, but only dust to an Ice Hockey nation as Sweden.

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  1. Doesn't she love you too much to let the beard get between you too? Keep the beard!


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