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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Everything in my life is a project

My relationship, my games, my work, my friends, my diet... everything is a project. I open a worksheet and start filling things in. Some projects are large (like my p****), some are small (like Pelles p****). Some projects ends within days, some within months and some I have no idea how long they will last. There are some I hope never ends.

I know what you guys are thinking "FUCK! ROFLMAO! Here's ANOTHER philosophical 'let's think about life, universe and everything!'cry in a little jar - eat the jar and... probably get really sick/die because eating a Jar of any shape, metal or consistency isn't a really good for you... STORY"

Eh, what? Right, going back to the topic.

Projects I have ended

I am Tony Stark, BO-YAA!
I just finished Mass Effect 3, which was awesome (not that it actually ended but I enjoyed putting the dot at the end of the story).

I not so long ago also decided to push aside a few of what I call "fake friendships" with people who care a little bit too much about them self and a little bit to little about anyone else. That was also quite awesome. Waste of time.

I'm quite happy that I ended the chapter at I don't think I would want to go back working there even if I was offered a really good opportunity. Although I am happy I got the opportunity to learn so much about how a business works and more importantly how people work. This way I know what kind of people I would like to work with in the future. I feel richer knowing know what I did not know before starting working there.

They are having a Summer Party today, but even though I was offered I don't want to go. This project has ended.

Projects I want to focus on
Rock Band from an armpits perspective

1) My self
2) My work
3) The people I care about

My plan is to be as happy as possible. In order to get this I need to make sure that things I do is a bit more involved in what is good for me, rather than what is good for others. Sounds shit, but I tried the other way around already and the return of investment wasn't consistent enough. Focusing on myself is.

But to be happy I need to spend the time I invest in my life wisely. I therefore will have to make sure that going to work every day is something that really excites me. Good thing for me is that Traffic Generation is a damn good company with damn good people. I get to do what I want to do, work with gaming, being there from the start and building something great together with people I enjoy spending time with.

But as I am a quite (believe it or not) emphatic person, something even more important to me is to care for and surround myself with lovely, funny or totally insane motha' fuckahs like my friends, family or my extremely pretty girlfriend (whom which I share my kingdom with).

Now, what the fuck was this post all about? No idea, but I'm going back to watching Dr. House now. Cya bitches!

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