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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sofa is being deleted and I'm migrating!

I'm in a "high on something that is not drugs" mood today, for several reasons.

As some of you know, I have had this damn left over sofa in my apartment since we moved in. It has been in the way, it has caused me pain and it have silently mocked me every time I tried to squeeze through in the hallway. For almost 4 months I have endured this hell, but now... it is finally being amputated from my life!

Since I got some more space in my life, I've decided to migrate to a new group of friends (the old ones doesn't have any more money I can acquire with my evil scamming schemes).

The sofa of death is gone!

Well, it's in the hall way outside of my apartment but I still feel I've finally slain my dragon with my giant spear. Sofa, you are penetrated, dismembered and disgraced - just the way I like you. May you never rest in peace you IKEA son of a bitch.

And for all of you perverts that thought the paragraph above was a bit... you know: IT IS ALL IN _YOUR_ MIND SICKOS!

Hahah, gotcha! *high-fives myself*

The feeling of *Aaaah...*
New Groups and now complicated thingies!

I have lately, since my old group split up after the "old job" incident I have felt a bit lonely (and you can understand me since you know that I am a social freak of nature that require constant attention and love).

I've been so sad that every time I've seen a ginger boy chasing after girls in red dresses (referring to people reminding me of Håkan Sjölin) or whenever a Knight on a White Stallion has been riding by (referring to people reminding me of Fredrik Öhman), I must admit that I cried a little. I miss you guys!

(yeah yeah you jealous sons of a bitches I miss you all just as much!)

Luckily, I'm working with some fun new people that has chosen to include me (pfft, how could you NOT want to include me?) in their social group... even though one of them enjoys her sofa way too much. I wont mention any names but I'm talking about Louise Coady (yes of course, the singer!).

It's a fun new group. I will never get tired of Victorias craziness, Adelle's improper comments or my new soul mate Matts' tight heinie (sorry Craig but you've been avoiding me and I need way more love than you have shown me lately! You are demoted to number two in my list of soul-mates).

Alright, back to doing some work followed by watching House MD and Game of Thrones.

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