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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Swedish Easter, by Deckard Cain

Warning! This blog post is written by Deckard Cain from the computer game Diablo!

This is the story about the 2012th Easter since the false date of Jesus birth. Since many people celebrate this holiday, we will zoom into the city of Gibraltar and particularly the Swedish group plus their sworn companions.

Gathered in this faithful celebration (at some point from wed-Sunday) was: Joakim, Vlada, Johan, Trine, Leo, Nathalie, Pelle, Alexander The Great, Jamie the First, Mollie the Miniature Giant Space Hamster, Camilla, Charlotte Uffe, Marina, Paula, Michael, Johanna, Andreas, Zeru, Annika, Håkan, Phil, Jennie, Rebecca, Phil, Johan (the new Fredrik) and more.

The Quiz Battle for Britannia
The group of combatants was divided into two squads in the event called "Pub Quiz". War sungs such as "Vi äro små fiskar vi, blubb blubb" and "Vad kommer inte in på systemet? - Hunden; Katten (korven?); Glassen!)  was sung while the two teams answered tricky questions about the wetlands (Britannia).

Strangely enough, the smaller team won after the team with most Swedes got all of the Swedish questions wrong (Rebecca, Jennie and Håkan is responsible for this mistake about Sweden being a Kingdom or a Republic).

Johanna and Joakim sure knew how to get all of the answers right. Piece of cake.

Joakim, Johanna, Balrog and Rory

Friday Feast with the Milk of a Unicorn!

On the Friday the group gathered once again, but this time to celebrate and feast at the Tavern called Charlies! The evening brought the group to Brunos where lots of drinks and laughs were had. When the evening almost couldn't get any greater, the group discovered the legendary Milk of the Unicorn, which was devoured by Phil the Fierce, one of the local natives that just happen to love a warm jug of mead.

The Evening was a Success. Everyone was a winner!

Håkan and Trine with William in the background!

The Northern Gatherings of Saturday

An Easter Lunch was devoured to prepare for the Great Bowl of Greatness! Both events was very successful and amazingly enough, there was a Swedish winner in the Great Bowl of Greatness... Johan Renner! Johanna would have won if she had listened to Joakim. It's all in the hips.

Before the night was over this bunch had drunken buckets of beer, invaded Gilbert's Hunters Lodge and raided a nearby country (Spain). Well done Northern Adventurers.

Deckard Cain, signing off.

Uffe, Annika, Zeru, Charlottenlök, Michael, Paula, Marina, Johan, Andreas, Joakim, Håkan, Johanna, Camilla, Pelle, Johan (New Fredrik) and Rebecca!

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