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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Assassins Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood and Relevations

Today I am going to have a few words about these games and what I think about the progression and the overall experience I had when I played each of these games.

Too bad the control improvements from each games kind of kills the replay-ability of the earlier games. It is easy to move forward... but to step back?

Altair you rock, game-play you kind of suck!

Altair, Assassins Creed
Initially this was just awesome. Loved every piece of it... until...

Repetitiveness. All the time the same thing. The ending was nice, the story was also brilliant. Great character development. I really felt like an awesome assassin with a great soul.

Altair Ibn La Ahad, I love you but I don't think I could ever replay you in this game.

I give you:
4/10. Okay, but something was missing...

Oh hello there Ezio! Let's go and screw the pope!

A new hero emerges. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. In this game not really as strong character as Altair, but I am starting to like this guy.

Technology has caught up, I got my own place, Leonardo Da'Vinci is my buddy and my enemy is the Pope! Can it get more exciting? I don't think so. A thrilling story, a fun Gameplay with more things to do and improved controls. Plus, I got two hidden blades now. Kick ass.

Can't complain guys, you did a great job on this one.

8/10. Nearly there now!

Ezio, Assassins Creed 2 by TheBarcay on

Seriously Ezio, he is not that hard to kill!

Ezio did it again! And this time he is ready to step up and take control over Rome, the city if cities. A huge area to expand, renovate (my favorite part!), more Leonardo crazy stuff and even better controls. Well done!

But honestly, the Crossbow? Really?.. I have one ranged weapon, why would I want to use the Crossbow? Sure, it has more ammo but... it was a bit too much of a desperate "OH SHIT WE NEED TO INTRODUCE A NEW WEAPON!" kind of thing.

Story was really good, especially the "It's a me, a Mario!" part (check end of blog post for the video). The villain was a bit ridiculous gameplay-wise compared to the Pope (I mean, did you really have to beat him that much, couldn't you just shoot the fucker and get it over with?), but his character was much stronger and well developed. Almost a masterpiece IMO.

My own Assassins. Yummy.

9/10. Don't be desperate guys, just do what makes sense.

Ezio is BANG-tastic and I love him more than life!

This might be the best game in the AC Series. Highly optimized Apprentice/Recruitment system (it really makes sense now and every Assassins feels unique). The Hook Blade and the Bombs is actually the only new things I need, good choice. I love that the controls and the weapon customization and usability was greatly improved.

The story suffers I'm afraid. I fail to really identify a bad guy that I can watch how he develops. I haven't finished the game yet so I might be wrong, but I have come a fair bit into it. I don't like that Desmond is in a coma for so long, it feels like that the Developers tried to save time by excluding lots of the "non-Animus" game-play and replacing it with annoying mini-games inside a computer.

Still, I enjoy the game a lot and have had some fun with the perhaps flawed Tower Defence mini-game. I love to revisit Altair and I love to be Ezio once again in a very nice city (which I like more than Rome to be honest). I miss my horse though.

9/10. Please get that 10 in Assassins Creed III please.

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