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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tonight is the night...

I have been waiting for something like this since 2006. Last time we won one of the most even games in history. The time before that we turned around a game like never before. This time, we just have to wait and see.  I feel the adrenaline pumping already.

Yesterday my investment finally payed off!

Yesterday we went to the casino again - Pelle, Håkan and I. As usual we invest 10% in each other to reduce variance. Usually it doesn't really pay off since we are the masters of bubbling/being sucked out, but this time... this time it was time!

Håkan felt quite good about his result

I had the most card dry night ever, so for me the entertainment value was low (even though I made it to the Final Table this time). Pelle played a roller coaster game and bubbled again, but when we thought all hope was gone... HÅKAN wins the tournament  (well actually they made a deal HU, but that's okay).  First timer!  Congrats!

Sweden vs. Finland in Ice Hockey = ALWAYS EPIC!

Both Sweden and Finland has made it to the finals. This game will indeed be epic. After crushing them in the two latest finals we met, I am honestly afraid of this one. We are two even games, but this time I think Finland got a tiny bit stronger team. I mean, just look at what their young star Granlund did in their game that took them to the finals:

But then again...

Håkan for fuck sake, stop being a sissy!

I have been trying to convince Håkan and Pelle now to come and do some boxing at the gym in Atlantic Suites, but he says his ass hurts to much so he cant come... I MEAN COME ON! "My ass hurts!"?

Speaking of which, there is rumors that Håkan hade some fun with "Mr. Cocktus" this Friday, but he can't remember it. Although after this evening there is some strange pain is his "behind"... Is Håkan still avaailable?

Oh yes. Here is some pictures from the company party - a la Sven of course (always taking pictures in the sexiest way possible).

 Picture taken by monkey

 Somehow I find the background quite amusing...

Picture also taken by monkey


  1. Not my ass, my tailbone!!

  2. Also, you must have gotten quite drunk Jocke. As people nearby can confirm, the cactus called "Mr. Cocktus" was the one that YOU sat on, and then shortly after jumped up screaming how it penetrated your ass... ;)


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