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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm going under...

... The Rock!

Really epic moment of my life here in Gibraltar. Visiting the old tunnels from the second world war was really fantastic. Every road had its history, every room had its purpose. I really wonder how it would have been like to live there. I bet Håkan would have liked it, he was talking about cave girls from the first moment we arrived.

Jimmy Hoffa haunts the tunnels!

Apparently a lot of people died mining these tunnels, so naturally there are ghost stories. There's one ghost that pulls shirts and whispers stuff and another one that smokes cigarrs. May it be Jimmy Hoffa perhaps? Have we finally located where he has gone? Maybe he's like Håkan, into cave chicks or something. :P

What? THERZ MORZ?! Me likz!

Apparently, the long tour we took, barely covers half of the whole complex. There is lots more tunnels everywhere, but unfortunately we couldn't check them out. Maybe because of safety, or maybe because security. Some parts are still being used by military I've heard.

Also, there is a lot of natural caves in there. One natural lake inside plus a couple of cave complexes that I have no idea how big they are. They say there might be quite a lot still undiscovered caves in there, so deep that no one really any idea of where the bottom is.

Would be awesome to sometime see a map or a 3d model of the whole complex, to visualize what's really in there. It's almost like a small city in there. Makes me think of Moria... :P

Anyway, less talk, more pictures bitch!

First glimpse of the tunnel complex. Some parts were quite narrow, others more wide. Some had electricity, some not.

Big boys in here. Had an old bunker (with WINDOWS) inside. Also had an escape tunnel leading to the Rock Hotel.

Would you like a Filét Mignon, sir? Extra rust to that, sir?

Ventilation thingy. Good to have unless you like toxic fumes! :)

One of two still excisting power plant engines, driven by oil I think. Usually these are found on ships or something...

Want to have a shit? Be my guest! There's even old moulded toilet paper around!

I think this part went up to another complex, which I yet have to see...

I want a f*cking calzone, POR FAVOR!

After the tunnel trip, Håkan, Trine, Johan and I met up with Vlada and enjoyed some italian/spanish/gibraltarian pizza. :)

Actually, I can say now that I have found the best pizzeria of Gibraltar, honestly. I'm not saying it's as great as the pizzas in Sweden, but this one beats the rest of the places by far. Finally some proper _PIZZA_.

For gods sake, how hard can it be to make a proper Pizza? I mean, Pizza Express makes small, disguisting pizzas that cost double as much and tastes half as good as frozen pizzas you can buy at Morrisons. Mamma Mia on the other hand, made REAL pizzas. Thank you Daniella.

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