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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Barcelona, mi amor...

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I raided Barcelona!

Gathered my troops, consisting of a Latvian brainmelter, a Danish crazy person, an English ninja and a Swedish mascot. Then it was time to jump into the battle wagon, Phils car, and go to Malaga airport.

Alright I can sit in the middle... wait a minute!

06:30 the trip took off, from Kings Warf. Johan took the front seat, and I of course didn't blink before I captured the middle seat (with one girl on each side... gigidy!). Problem was... I realized there was no belt. Well, heck. If I die I die... At least I will get 4000 virgins if I die...

Qixiang, wtf are you doing here?!

Finally at the airport, we ended up in a huge cue at the gate. Talking a bit about this and that, suddenly getting interrupted by a couple of famous faces! One of them was my flat mate Qixiang, whom where flying to Italy the same day. I had no idea he was flying from Malaga. I thought he was going to fly from Gibraltar, since he has this Chinese VISA problem.

Entering the plane, this fucking smell reminded me of how much I hate to fly. And yes, it is pretty much only because of this smell. Like kind of dry air or something. It fucks my head up. Then the seats are never really comfortable. GAH!

Arriving at Barcelona after just an hour or so, was really nice. We immediately realized what an awesome town this was, even if the weather wasn't optimal. Not long after we had sat down, drinking the most expensive sangria in my life, Nick finally shows up. HEY Mr. Fist! How you doin'?


After having some food and getting lost near the cathedral district, we finally get in touch with the people we are renting the apartment from and can get some assistance finding the damn place.

Shit, this place was awesome. Really small, but smart floor plan! Double bed + a bulk bed + A sofa for short people (yes, for Phil) and most important of all: A BEER MACHINE! Johan was more enthusiastic than me about this machine, but we all enjoyed it's juices flowing down our throats. It was almost like being in a really awesome porn movie. MOM AND DAD, PLEASE SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU ARE READING!

After warming up at the apartment, the following happened:

(really dodgy, nick-looking, place)

Da Buzz, Da Cold, Da Fantastic!

The next day we ran down to this huge Cathedral to inspect how long the cue was + how much it cost. We did some measurements, bought a coupon thingy and then jumped onto the first tourist bus we could find.

Finding the Science Museum thingy, with a rain forest garden in it!

City hall (I think) motha fuckas!

We finished the day off with some more partying, in this goth club Nicky found. Pretty awesome. Some really strange things happened there and they were actually playing some Swedish emo goth music. Was surprised when I could understand the lyrics :D

The last day we went shopping like hell. I found lots of nice things and now feel quite like a snob or something, buying that expensive stuff. Never really invested that much into clothes before. Please don't ask how much I spent...

After, we went to this Asian wok place. Really nice food. Some of it I had been missing a lot, since I haven't been able to find anything of that quality near Gibraltar. If anyone knows a good place (I know the Wok already, but this place was way better imo).

Bloody fights, and I missed it!

When me and Vlada had gone home to rest, the rest of the guys went to a couple of dark and horny bars. Apparently there was a big fight there between a drug dealer and the bar owner. There was blood and stuff, and police came. Can't believe I missed it. At least I didn't miss the one in Gibraltar yesterday... At least now I know we got a Titan in our company ;)

Just a little note about Håkans house warming party: AWESOME! See pictures here!

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