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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesome trip to paradise!

Hi everyone! Finally I have time to blog again (well not really, but I feel that I should). Since last time I have celebrated San Juan and then spent a weekend in Tarifa with the Finns and the Spanish. Tonight I'm going to play the live-tournament again and tomorrow I have the feared Poker Exam to do!

Jump into fires and into the ocean!

Last week was the midsummer thing for the Spanish people. Their midsummer is called San Juan and is apparently about lighting huge fires at the beach and jumping through smaller ones and then go into the water (with the right leg first). Then you should also take some water from the ocean during midnight and throw it around in your home and all your problems will go away.

I was there with Quis, Quique, Soraia, her BF, two Portuguese dudes and then we met some others at the beach. We began the evening by going to the "real" tapas place which is also called Patagonica, where we ate some really really good tapas. Then we went to the beach bar called Changós and had Mojitos and some really cool dancing lessions (which is called: wave your hand like a retard and you dance).

Mojitos, the Beach and weird people!

This past weekend was really awesome. I went to Tarifa early saturday morning with Jussi, Piia and Julia. Only took one hour by bus, which was nice. First thing we did was to go book a hostel or hotel. Fortunately there was one room left at this nice bed and breakfast hotel for only €40 each.

After that we went to a restaurant (see picture above) in the old town. Piia and Julia payed €7 for ONE tomato and some cheese and a tiny bit of vinegar. I ate some manly Lasagna with tons of cheese and Jussi ate his daily burger.

After this we went looking for places to shop the next day and then we spent the rest of the day at the beach with the Spanish people who later joined up. Poor Siete feel asleep and had to rush home as he had plans with his amigos in the evening. We drank many really perfect Mojitos and some home-made Tinto de Verano as well as some beers. It was so nice I can hardly describe it with words.

In the evening we partied with Ville, another fin (!!!!!), and had some Sangria at his place after having pizza at some "turisty" crap place. In the end I got so tired that I just went back to the hotel, finding a lost little cockroach trying to find something to put his cock into (funny joke - as they reproduce a lot).

The next day we ate some breakfast, drank some Tinto de Verano and head off to shopping. We found some really nice shirts, a wonderful beach volleyball... ball(?) and Piia found some girly things.

Btw, Piia is the slowest bandana-dresser I've ever seen. If you want to enjoy a bandana being tied around your head for over 24 hours without real success, Piia is your girl! :P

We then finished the trip of with being on the beach drinking Sangria and relaxing. We tried playing some Beach Volleyball too but there were no aiming skills... at all.

Great trip, thanks guys for making it so much fun!


  1. It's 'Finn' not 'fin'...
    On a side note, LOOK AT ME! I'm on the Swedish Interwebs :D

    - Jussi

  2. Hahhahah TZE SWEDISH INTERWEBZ! Welcome to a brighter world!


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