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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Live Poker and Beach Party!

A good but weird nights sleep after an Awesomazing day! Beach Party and a night out with the Finns, the Italian Guy and the Dutchman. I will try to list all the places where you can see pictures from this party in this blog post.

Oh, also I have played some live poker lately, and it has been both good and bad. Next tournament at the Casino on Tuesday! Join us!

Beach Volley Ball and pretty ladies!

We arrived around 13:15 yesterday at the eastern beach (the Latino Beach or whatever it's called). Even though it was very windy, the weather was quite okay and beach volley ball WAS playable but not at a serious level. We had lots of fun and I think I played for many hours.

So many pretty girls was there too :) That's why we boys love beach parties so much. And of course the ladies got to enjoy the sight of my sexiness as well. You are welcome my ladies ;)

The food was okay, but I got full so fast, maybe because I ate too much snacks before the food came. We were planning to invade the jacuzzi but it was occupied so much and in the end there was like more sand than water in there anyways.

Alright, here is the pictures I've found so far:

Perkele, Luigi and Piemel!

After the beach party I was still in the party mood, so I joined up with the Finns just after finding a wandering Luigi in Ocean Village. We went to Celebrities of course and not long after Melvin joined up and tried to use anything as a chair, but eventually he got something proper to sit on ;)

Btw you can also ask Jussi about finding alternative places to sit, he had a fearsome fight with a plant :D

After a really good day I just decided to go home and rest up. Thanks guys for a great day!

I won, I lost and I busted Henrik!

Two weeks ago me and Henrik played the freeze-out bounty tournament, where I actually managed to bust both Henrik and another guy, giving me £10. Later I AGAIN managed to get busted by an AA when I re-raised his blind steal attempt from "the button" with my QJo.

Last week though, I played the £10 re-buy tournament and it went okay, I mean I played alright, just didn't get the cards I wanted. When I finally got a good hand on the Button position I of course went all in (with KQs) and got called by SB and BB. BB had crap (this guy was an idiot) and SB (Robert actually) had pocket 4, which unfortunately beat my hand as the board was as boring as David Letterman.

Two days ago, I played again with some friends, just a cash game. I managed to win 63,5 big blinds (sorry Kim!).

Next tournament is on tuesday, a £10 re-buy tournament at the casino. Join us! :)

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