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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The most amazing...

... fireworks I've ever seen! My brother Jan-Olof and his girlfriend Annelie came yesterday here to visit me. We were afraid the weather would be bad, but we managed to catch some good spots in-between the treacherous weather (find more pictures here!).

Fireworks above amazing!

Yesterday evening we went out on some kind of food festival, where they were celebrating... something. We ate some of the different kinds of food and then we sat down for a beer with Phil. Then suddenly, we saw this (which was just the beginning basically):

After this spectacular show we advanced into "Three Owls" for a game of pool/biljard with Phil. First time I kicked his as at the very end, but in the rematch I was the one suffering a cold defeat.

A trip up the Rock (again)

We decided to show the Rock and all it's different places to my brother and Annelie, so we visited among other places Europa Point, St. Michaels Cave, The Siege Tunnels, The Morish Castle and finally a place for brilliant Ice Cream and Milk Shakes.

2x(Rock Band + Dawn of War)

I recently bought both Rock Band 2 and Dawn of War 2. The first one I play a lot right now, with many of my friends as well as my brother actually (he actually liked it). Dawn of War 2 I have promised to play with Michael, but will also include Fredrik in the Multiplayer part at least ;)

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