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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a loser, I'm a winner and I had Spanish dinner!

Hi people. Long time no see! Today I will tell you about what I won, what I lost and about my recent Spanish dinner.

Finally, it is my day! $$$

After many tournaments with bad beats and bad cards, I finally manage to get some good beats and some good cards. After playing a really fun tournament with my friends and the normal guys at the Casino, I managed to win £200.

Brazil, what happened?

I was supporting Brazil this year, but unfortunately they didn't hold up against Holland, who now is in the Finals. It's tough, can't win every time I guess!

Although that game was horrible I was ashamed of supporting Brazil. They scored on their own goal and acted like spoiled kids, kicking and shouting because it didnt go as they wanted it. What the fuck? Grow up!

Now I support Spain, who actually managed to get to the finals as well. We will all know on Sunday what will happen, but I hope Spain beats these Dutchbags back to the stone age. Go Spain! Viva España!

I ate Squid, Octopus and some strange fish!

Yesterday I was with Quique, Barbara, Sara, Manu and later Quis at this Spanish restaurant in La Linea. We watched a really good game of football, where Spain kicked German ass!

Quique was nice enough to convince me to eat these strange sea-food things, which I normally have a hard time eating for some reason. It was actually not that bad. I enjoyed most of it and I think I will continue eating most of it actually.

Thanks Quique for opening the door for me! Now there is more stuff I can enjoy! (honestly I don't know why I'm such a sissy with sea food, I mean, I eat prawns).

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