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Saturday, April 10, 2010

We got a medal for being last!

Stien is back in Belgium now and everything is back to normal. I feel a bit like I need my Joakim-time now for a while so I might not join in on as many activities as before. I feel exhausted in many ways. Maybe because of the badminton championships?

The National Championships

Okay, the National Championships of Badminton is over, but I didn't go home empty handed! I got a medal... for losing all games in mixed! In the Men Doubles me and Fredrik won one game but lost the others, resulted in no medal (?!) while when losing all games with Jun in the Mixed Doubles we got silver in the C-finals against our very own friends Fredrik and Kim-Kim.

More details plz!

With the Mens Doubles we lost the first game against the number 1 player and his partner (kind of unlucky draw there) and then in the B-series we got to play against two young guys which we beat with 21-17 and 21-12. Then we lost against some really high rollers with the impressive (from our side) 21-15 and then 21-8 I think. Pretty impressive to play such an even game against those guys. They are pretty high up in the league.

In the Mixed Doubles me and Jun lost the first two games, first against Phils dad Eddie and Joanne, then against Mr. and Mrs. Mosquito, but they are coaches in the badminton team so what can we do. We managed to get some decent scores against those last ones though with 21-12 and 21-13.

The finals on the second day against Fredrik and Kim-Kim, me and Jun played a pretty okay game, but I made many mistakes and my racket broke (the strings). Not the best day for me but at least I got a medal!

Winning over the two younger guys.

Left: Losing to Phils dad and Joanne; Right: Kai is happy :)

Left: Doing an incredible game against the good guys; Right: Kai is happy :)

Left: Getting mine and Juns medal; Right: C-final medal receivers!

Group photos

Night out with friends

Last Saturday I was going out with Kelly and the others at the Thai-place in Eurotowers. It was fun and the food PWNED! Best Thai food in Gib soo far (come on Kim, now you have to cook for me to prove yours is better :P ), although I did not party so wild because of reasons you already know ;). After that we went to Filipes place and chilled with some drinks. Was fun!


  1. Hey!, those two you young guys you beat were us haha :D

    If only it was poker ¬¬.

    :P Congrats btw hehe ( It's Keiron the one on the right in the pic).

  2. Hi! It was a fun game, and I heard you guys got a medal as well, so I guess all of us have reason to celebrate! (even though our medals weren't so flattering really) :P

    Was a fun tournament and I look forward to the next one!

  3. Yeah, we reached the C finals :P, but faced kai :( so kinda got owned hehe.

    Yeah looking forward to next year, i will be taking it more seriously and train more this year :D

    Nice meeting you btw,

  4. Its nice we both got medals, something to show our folks (although we should maybe not tell them that we got it for losing all games lol).

    Yeah Kai is not someone you want to meet in Badminton. He is always smashing my serves down. :(

    Anyway, nice meeting you as well and I look forward to next years championships!



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