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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Annoying! + Yay computer working!

Time to blog again! My ears are constantly blocked, which is annoying. My computer works though so I have some comfort at least! Yay! I am also planning something special, are you curious?

Blocked ears for a week - Medicine time!

Time for antibiotics, I'm fed up with being half-sick all the time. I'm to afraid to play badminton cause I don't want to get more sick and I constantly have blocked ears. Enough is enough. Although I should learn my lesson and NOT take the antibiotics without eating something first. Felt sick this morning because of this.

Computer now working - Thanks guys!

I got my computer working finally and am currently playing Dragon Age, when I got time, which is a fantastic game. I recommend it to anyone!

Special thanks to Simeon, Stanislav and Michael for helping out with the computer. Special token of gratitude will be given next week. Stay tuned!

Planning something!

Moahahah I love secret stuff! I will not tell you, although some of you already know what I am talking about so don't freaking comment about it cause it's a secret! Just want to make the ones that doesn't know curious. But I will reveal it in a couple of days so don't worry.

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